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Professional oportunities

From the moment you arrive in Australia you can work part time , if you have a student visa. If you have a conversational level, you will have more opportunity to apply to jobs in your professional area .

Why study in Australia?

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Work 20 hours a week or 40 hours on vacation


Professional services

To gain professional experience  in Australia you need to have a resume, Linkedin and “cover letter” or Australian-style cover letter. You can organize the service that suits your needs with a single click.



The session lasts 1 hour with an immigration agent in Australia in English or Spanish.


Migration agents are people who specialize in Australian migration law. These are accredited by the Immigration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Being registered immigration agents  They are subject to a code of conduct and must have extensive knowledge of Australian immigration laws and procedures. Check the status of your immigration agent here by entering the "Migration Agents Registration Number (MARN)" or immigration agent registration number.


It is ideal to consult with an immigration agent when you want to live in Australia permanently. It is important to initially keep in mind that each process is completely different from each other and in the same way the options to migrate to Australia vary depending on the situation of each client. Considering this, you can organize an immigration counseling at any time and in this way you can confirm and make sure that you have real options to migrate to Australia. There are many options that can be adjusted to your professional profile, work experience, age, etc. Organize your advice here


Before consulting you must send your recent professional resume, you can also read the recent list of professions in demand, click here.  This allows you to have some idea so that you can ask specific questions to the immigration agent, however, you will have detailed advice based on your resume and professional experience. In this way you can know your real options that will help you  to achieve your goals of migrating to Australia. Secondly,  You will receive a detailed summary of your advice and options once it has been completed.



Depending on your level of English we have developed different services that allow you to direct yourself so that you can work professionally in Australia.

If you want personalized advice you can schedule an advice


Depending on the agreement between the parties and can vary from hours a week to weeks.


Volunteers are not financially remunerated.


Volunteering is a great way to practice your English, make local connections, and help you understand other cultures more. In addition, it is an opportunity to learn new things and share your knowledge and skills.  In this way, it is important to identify a volunteer that is alienated with your professional profile since it will also allow you to gain experience and get involved in the field of your interest. Still, if you want to learn about a new industry, this is always an excellent option.

When to apply to volunteer:

To apply for a volunteer program, you will need to prepare your application in English that includes personal information and your resume in English. Do not in any case let the language be an excuse, and take a risk!


Expression of interest

If you have between 4 to 8 hours a week that you would like to dedicate to volunteering, leave us your updated resume.

Tell us in the comments  by sending us your resume in English what skills you currently have that you would like to share with the community, it can be administrative support,  event management, etc. Something that you consider yourself to be good at or want to learn.